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When wheel bearings become worn one of the first symptoms is they start to become noisy. Initially they will make a low level hum sound. As they get worse that noise can become a continual loud grinding sound. This all happens because the grease in the bearing has dried up and no longer lubricates the moving parts. If the bearing is left too long in this state it will overheat and can even collapse. If you suspect you may have a noisy bearing we offer a free test to see if replacement is necessary.

Failed? Save yourself money over sticking with the garage that did the MOT, you'll find us very competitive and the work of excellent quality.


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If the front of your car dips when braking, is swayed by side winds or feels like it is handling poorly, you could have faulty suspension. Why not pop along and let us check your suspension... it only takes minutes!



Vehicle repair services available at Vince's Tyre & Auto include shocks, exhausts, brakes, wheel bearings and more...


Precise steering is very dependent on the joints being in good condition. Any wear can cause erratic handling and in extreme circumstances accidents! If your steering feels like it is wandering or there is a knocking noise from the front when you hit bumps, you may have a problem with the jointing.  For peace of mind ask us, we'll check if there's a problem, and it's free!

CV Joints or Constant Velocity are only found on front wheel drive or 4x4 vehicles. Usually the first sign you have of wear is a knocking sound when the steering is on or near full lock as you accelerate.

CV Boots or Gaiters keep the grease inside the CV Joint. If they split or tear the grease will come out and leave the joint running dry, which will cause rapid wear.

CV JOINTS (Constant Velocity Joints)

CV BOOTS (Gaiters)


We are able to diagnose most vehicle fault codes with the latest in diagnostics technology.  A quick and accurate diagnostic will speed your service/repair and save you money!

As well as exhaust welding we are able to carry out most welding repairs to the underside of your car.

We are able to repair/replace most hydraulic steering racks. If your steering makes a screeching sound when you turn the steering wheel, your Steering Rack may be at fault.



When your vehicle hasn't passed it's MOT, starts making a noise or just feels wrong we all get that sinking feeling. Without getting in to rhetoric we're proud to say that our customers recommend us for the quality of work we do. We'll always charge a fair amount and only undertake the work you request or tell you what needs doing and let you decide based on our input.


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